Monday, September 16, 2013

Industrial Kitchen Chair

I was thoroughly disgusted that of all the junk bought from my yard sale that no one saw the potential beauty of my vintage kitchen folding chair, selling for the high price of $3. It was one of those projects I intended to get to but hadn't, so I thought a creative soul would swipe her up.
I was so peeved that I decided I had to show the world how cool she could be!

I had intended to recover the seat and paint the frame but when I asked the chair what she wanted to be (yes, I do ask my projects these kind of things and I don't know how gender is attached, but it's just how it is) and she shouted," INDUSTRIAL!". 
I stripped her down and cleaned off all the padding.
Under it all she had this fabulous patina. I further enhanced it by sanding some of the brown paint and exposing more metal throughout. 
A quick couple coats of Rustoleum protective gloss to keep her from rusting further and enhancing the colors and we were done!

The industrial cahair makes a nice contrast next to the modern cabinet from my earlier post!

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  1. You have an amazing eye for the greatness in a piece! Mary Weimer