Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Silver Streak Redo: the beginning

Day 3 of our Silver Stream being home!

I was a bit disappointed to find the copious amounts of wallpaper were hiding water damage from leaking windows. But all in all the damage is minimal so far.

In a way it was a relief- now I don't feel confined to keeping it original, as all the front paneling must go and the rest of the veneer is damaged by the wallpaper.

The beginning:

Carpet and wallpaper removal.

Looking to back of trailer.

After paneling and insulation gone. Now assessing damage.

All windows need resealing.

2 small areas of floor rot require patching.

C channel needs reinforcement and body needs reattaching to frame in very front. 

All in all not too bad. I've seen a lot worse on the forums I've been following! 

Until the weekend I'll just continue with wallpaper removal and shopping for flooring and other modernizing options. 

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