Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Silver Streak Continues- The 70's love of fake woodgrain

Ahh.... the 70's and their dear love of fake woodgrain.

I finally am delving back into the Silver Streak. I'm missing valuable camping time!

 I am focusing now on painting the kitchen area. Way too much mustard yellow and way way too much woodgrain paneling.

Before anyone gets upset about painting over wood- this is particleboard paneling with a veneer wood grain. AND it was covered in wallpaper AND much of it is water damaged AND I have no qualms of making it brighter and lighter..

I had an idea of using chalkboard paint on the entrance wall and then thought what the heck- why not do the eyesore refrigerator in chalkboard paint too? I would love a stainless fridge, or stainless and glass, but way too pricey.  At $15.00 for a quart of chalk board paint - this will do!

Here's my Streak's refrigerator before-

I sanded with a sanding sponge and used white spray paint on the trim. After dry I taped the trim and  applied white primer to the paneling with a flocked foam roller in very thin coats for little texture.

Then 3 coats of chalkboard paint over the primer. Again with a flocked foam roller.  After it dried overnight I rubbed chalk all over with the side of the chalk then erased to minimize chalk shadows.

On a side note...this is what I call the over 40 speedball. I usually start my Streak projects in the eve on a Friday, and a beer sounds good, but I need the coffee to keep me awake. Funny thing is I could only drink one beer and I was still in bed by 12. So sad!

The final touches to the entry- an inspirational metal plaque, clear caulked into a blank frame (no glass) then I screwed the frame into the wall so there is no chance of it falling. 3 IKEA  hooks and I'm done other than brushing up on my writing!

Now on to the cabinets!


  1. AH! The anticipation! Did you ever finish?!? I'm looking at possibly purchasing a 74 SS and I need to know how this turned out, lol!

  2. Is that all??? Did you finish!??