Monday, September 16, 2013

File Cabinet Planter Box

Earlier this summer I was inspired by a Pinterest photo of a file cabinet made into a fabulous planter box.

I set out to find a used heavy duty file cabinet and found one at a yard sale for $5!
It required a little sanding to smooth the surface and remove rust. I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. A light rinse and it was time to paint.

It took 3 spray cans of Rustoleum white primer and 5 cans of Rustoleum Ultra Cover in a brilliant modern orange for exterior. I didn't do inside but probably would use a rust preventer spray for longevity next time.  
Next I pre- drilled holes and attached casters from Harbor Freight with screws, locking washers and a nut. Be sure to look inside prior to placement to make sure you can access the screws in the interior to put the washers and nuts on. 
Finished planter filled with bamboo, potato vine and nasturtium seeds.

To save $, I used one,1 gallon pot of bamboo and split it into 4 clumps with a serrated kitchen knife. It was too root bound and tough for a shovel. It does stress the plant and it will take a few months to a year for full recovery but if you've priced bamboo lately it's worth it. 

Total cost for planter $100.00.
Finished planter at end of summer, looks a little ragged after several windstorms. 

Bamboo is still in recovery but potato vine and nasturtium did well!


  1. My workplace got rid of 10 file cabinets - DOH!!! Love that planter :D

  2. Ugh. Never know what we have.... til we go on Pinterest! :)